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Dark Emu essential reading for teachers, says blogger and educator Lisa Hill

The reviews keep coming, and the message is getting stronger and more widely heard:  Dark Emu has turned on its head what we thought we knew about pre-colonial Australia.

Today, well-respected blogger Lisa Hill reviews Dark Emu from an educator’s point view on her ANZ Lit Lovers blog

“In 156 pages, Pascoe has inverted almost everything I thought I knew about pre-colonial Australia. Importantly, he’s not relying on oral history, which runs the risk of being too easily debunked, his sources are the journals of notable explorers and surveyors, of pastoralists and protectors. He quotes them verbatim, describing all the signs of a complex civilisation but viewed through the blinkered lens of appropriation and White superiority.”

“As a teacher  …  I recommend it as essential reading for any educator.”

Lisa Hill