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Dark Emu in the wine column of the Weekend Oz!

Bruce’s views about the nature and history of Aboriginal settlement is not the only theme in Dark Emu to be drawing attention.

Detailed information about crops that were cultivated, harvested and stored, and how they were prepared and eaten, has also attracted a lot of interest.  In October, Bruce participated in the What a Wonderful World Gathering in Melbourne – a “weekend of food and fun” organised by restaurateur Ben Shewry of Attica fame.

Some of the world’s highest-profile chefs rocked into Melbourne to talk all things food… and kindness.  There were a few non-chefs on the  bill as well, including Bruce, talking on the food and kindness theme.

Bruce has managed to stir up quite a bit of interest among both foodies and journalists, including The Australian’s wine writer Max Allen.  His column over the Australia Day weekend asked whether there were any truly Australian drinks that predated wine and beer.  In coming to conclusion that the answer is a definite yes, he recounts a recent conversation on the subject with Bruce and describes Dark Emu as “a remarkable book”.

Thanks for the plug, Max!   You can download his full column here 150124 Weekend Australian Max Allen column.


History academic endorses Dark Emu

A review published in Agora, the magazine of the History Teachers Association of Victoria, has described Dark Emu’s premise as “profound”.

The association’s patron, Emeritus Professor Richard Broome of La Trobe University, said Bruce Pascoe “has done a great service by bringing this material to students and general readers, and in such a lively and engaging fashion”.

Professor Broome has himself researched and written extensively about the Indigenous history of Australia and in his review, which appears in the latest issue of Agora, he heartily recommends the book to teachers.

Read the full review here 150119 Agora Book Review.