History academic endorses Dark Emu

A review published in Agora, the magazine of the History Teachers Association of Victoria, has described Dark Emu’s premise as “profound”.

The association’s patron, Emeritus Professor Richard Broome of La Trobe University, said Bruce Pascoe “has done a great service by bringing this material to students and general readers, and in such a lively and engaging fashion”.

Professor Broome has himself researched and written extensively about the Indigenous history of Australia and in his review, which appears in the latest issue of Agora, he heartily recommends the book to teachers.

Read the full review here 150119 Agora Book Review.




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One response to “History academic endorses Dark Emu”

  1. hillicent says :

    Dark Emu is a completely accessible, compelling and riveting account of pre-invasion Aboriginal agricultural systems, and more. Every page offered eye-opening revelations. By the end I felt deeply distressed by the wastage and loss of all that land knowledge and extraordinary methods resulting from British massacres of vast swathes of that culture. Is it too late for us to learn from Aboriginal people how to care for our wide and colourful land, and how to tread lightly on its surface?
    Aboriginal culture, history and civilisation are so much more ancient, and advanced in countless ways, than any other on the planet, and it breaks my heart that we fail to pay that culture the respect it is due.
    I want all my friends to read this book. I’ll even buy it for them!

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