About Bruce Pascoe

Bruce Pascoe

Bruce Pascoe with a tray of the kind of yams cultivated by Aboriginal people at the time of European arrival. Bruce is working with a heritage seed expert to explore their use in horticulture.

Winner of the Prime Ministers Literary Award for YA Fiction, 2013, for Fog a Dox.

Bruce Pascoe is a Bunurong man born in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. He is a member of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative of southern Victoria and has been the director of the Australian Studies Project for the Commonwealth Schools Commission. Bruce has had a varied career as a teacher, farmer, fisherman, barman, fencing contractor, lecturer, Aboriginal language researcher, archaeological site worker and editor.

Books include the short story collections Night Animals (1986) and Nightjar (2000); the novels Fox (1988), Ruby Eyed Coucal (1996), Ribcage (1999), Shark (1999), Earth (2001), and Ocean (2002); historical works Cape Otway: Coast of secrets (1997) and Convincing Ground (2007); the childrens’ book Foxies in a Firehose (2006); and the young adult fiction Fog a Dox (2012).

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  1. Sue Warren says :


    Hi Bruce

    Please find attached a link to my review of Dark Emu


    Qld T-L

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